Help, yet again...

From: Megan <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 22:12:13 1999

>OK, here's a challenge that I hope one (or more) of you will rise too.
>I found something I didn't even know existed. It's the Heathkit Memory
>I/O Accessory ETA-3400. Woo Hoo!!! Its the expansion box for the 6800
>based ET-3400 Microprocessor Learning System (one of my favorite toys.)
>Now for the good news, and too my dilema. It's still it kit form with
>all the parts! ;))) I get to build it. I guess I'll need the
>assembly/op docs for it. An external examination reveals rca jacks for
>'tape input' and 'tape output' and also a rs-232 port. I gotta get this
>thing up.... help!

Hey, neat! I have my ET-3400 still, and I also didn't know one of
those existed. If you find a second one, I would be much appreciative
if you would send me a pointer...

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