Anyone want a Kontron?

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 00:42:54 1999

        Somehow, I have doubts that I'd be able to sell this at the local swap
meets, and I'd rather it go to someone who may be able to use it anyway.

        I've got an old EPROM/PROM programmer, built into a nice Zero/Haliburton
aluminum briefcase. It's a Kontron MPP-80, comes with a couple of adapters
and its manuals, and it also has a built-in UV unit to erase EPROMs with.

        When I first got it, it would not fire up. After some intensive
troubleshooting, I found and fixed a couple of problems in the power
supply. It seems fine now, but I have absolutely no use for it.

        If there's no interest here, I'll post the thing to Haggle. I wanted to
check with you lot first. If you're interested, drop me a note with an offer.

        Thanks in advance.

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