Help, yet again...

From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 00:41:27 1999

James Willing wrote:
> >Hey, neat! I have my ET-3400 still, and I also didn't know one of
> >those existed. If you find a second one, I would be much appreciative
> >if you would send me a pointer...
> >
> Either that, or run the PCB thru a decent scanner/copier to see if a good
> enough image could be had to run a few boards? (I've got an ET-3400 too!)

I made a couple of the DEC LA-36 RS232 interface boards by removing the
couple of components from the baord, putting the bare board on a piece of
diazo film, and making trial exposures until I had a piece of diazo film
that I could use directly to image new boards with. I would guess any good
photo house could do a similar operation using silver film and come up with
usable artwork. Shooting a dot pattern of the holes would give a template
for NC drilling the boards.
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