Apple //c

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 06:56:40 1999

> I just got a //c over the Week End,
> It came with what looks like a sound system: the item is in a separate
> enclosure with what looks like a speaker and a volume knob. It's labelled
> "cricket". Does anyone on the list have any infor on this item? Power
> requirement, software that uses it etc...

You're lucky! Unless my memory is fried, the Cricket is a speech
synthesizer for the //c. I don't know if it plays music.

It's separate becuase putting anything inside the //c is very difficult. On
other ][ series machines, this kind of hardware came on expanion cards.

Sorry, I don't have any software for the Cricket or know where you can get
any. It may be compatible with some other speech chips (I sort of remember
that the Cricket was made by a company that had already sold a synthesizer
or two -- maybe the Echo?).

(You probably know that the //c already comes with a "sound system" -- a
small speaker that has to be entirely controlled by the CPU -- though it
DOES have a volume knob, and you CAN play two voices at once on it.)

Sellam will undoubtedly have more info. He may have the software too.

-- Derek

ObTopicDrift: Am I the only person who remembers the SoundChaser? (I think
that's what it was called). I always wanted specs on it. Was it MIDI?
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