What classic equipment was rebadged?

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Date: Mon Mar 8 09:18:15 1999

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>I'll save the question about the quality of the finished product for next
>itme. :) Besides, I already think I know the answer: often the quality is
>the last priority on the list, and the customer gets the shaft. (At least
>lately. Maybe it was different 25 years ago.)

   I used to work for Burroughs and I know they made printer ribbons for a
LOT of other companies. The surprising bit was that those ribbons were
usually better quality and cheaper than the ribbons that Burroughs made for
themselves. The Burroughs ribbons were pretty bad. Sales of Burroughs
ribbons got so bad that Burroughs started trying to force their field
engineers to peddle Burroughs ribbons and other junk to their customers.

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