What classic equipment was rebadged?

From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Mon Mar 8 08:42:03 1999

> > What classic hardware/software companies were most famous for this? I've
> > learned (from Allison and Megan's various posts) that Digital sometimes used
> > other companies' stuff -- often at the cheap end of a line of products, I
> > suspect. What about IBM? Wang? Microsoft?
> I think you will find that near EVERY company has done this to some point.
> Example - IBM System/88s are actually Stratus machines.

An interesting tidbit. IBM sells so much stuff that it would be hard for
them to manufacture it all. :)

Everyone's mentioning hardware. I was also wondering about software. The
"buy a bunch of components and slap them together" approach is gaining in
popularity these days, but I assume it's happened for a long time? There's
also the "hire a (consultant, young intern, gang of students) to write the
code" approach. I'm sure that happens a LOT.

I guess what I'm wondering about is the difference between appearance and

-- Derek
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