Doors anyone? (was DSD board)

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Date: Mon Mar 8 08:54:25 1999

>Yup, and there is a jumper buried over on the side that is labelled "RX01
>EN" (presumably to enable it as an RX01 controller).
>So I think we've got it nailed as an RX01/RX02 controller, which is cool
>since I've got an RX01 drive, but those are 8" drives and the connector is
>only 26 pins.

It's a bus adapter that's part of a system that *emulates* a RX01 or RX02
controller. It doesn't actually drive a RX01/02 (40-pin connector), nor does
it directly drive a Shugart 801-style drive (50-pin connector). What you need
is a DSD440 chassis, which has a rather smart Z80-based board in it that
converts from the DSD 26-pin connector to the Shugart 50-pin bus.

There were also bus adapters for the Unibus and Omnibus available.

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