The new Amigas

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Date: Mon Mar 8 09:00:23 1999

Derek Peschel wrote:
> Oh. :) I was wondering if you had some sort of inside connection.
> Perhaps you're just an interested outsider.

I nave had some contact with people from Amiga Inc over
Usenet and get information from some of the Amiga journos
but that is pretty much it. The problem is NDA's. They can't
talk about much and what they do mention is in riddles.
> I've also heard that having two companies (Amiga Inc. and Amiga Corp.,
> or whatever) has been very counterproductive. Have they sorted that out
> yet?

They've appointed a new manager and combined the two
companies to a large extent. I can't remember his exact
name at the moment. Check out for the recent
> > - The Developers Machine.
> Wasn't there a similar developers' machine for the
original Amiga?

In a lot of cases Commodore shipped prototype machines to
various maufacturers. I believe they used Sun systems to
develop the original AmigaOS.

> The set-top box is novel. Correct me if I'm wrong; that hasn't been tried
> before (unless you count the CD32), right?

Well, the CD32 was really aimed at the console market. The
CDTV was aimed at what would become known as the set-top
market but it was a few years too early.
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