Interesting to note about Altairs...

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 11:52:06 1999

Sallam wrote...
>How "rare" can something be when an instance of it goes up for auction
>every damn week!? Doug Yowza noted that there is one Altair or another on
>sale at ebay every day!
>This is insanity!!

I, for one, am glad when people mention an item of interest on Ebay. I don't
check ebay regularly. As a result, I *LIKE* being told if an item I'm
looking for goes up there.

That being said, I really like it when someone offers the item here first
before it goes to Escr*w... :)

However, I really wish an HP 2748 paper tape reader would go up on ebay :]

Jay West
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