Capacitor xref help please! (TU56)

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 11:56:12 1999

"Jay West" <> wrote:
> Got a bad cap in a TU56 drive. Markings are as follows:
> 7330L, SPRAGUE, 100MFD, 55V-60CY, A5030.
> Can anyone tell me where I can order a replacement that's both electrically
> and mechanically (size) the same?
> More importantly, I've been scrounging the net for this info. Is there a
> good online resource I'm missing for xrefing caps?
> Thanks!
> Jay West

Hi Jay
 This does sound like a motor capacitor. You won't find these
in an electronic catalog like digikey. You need to check
with a motor shop. Look in the phone book for motor repair.
They usually have catalogs with these AC type electrolytics.
Don't used a standard one unless you like to dodge flying
aluminum pieces. You don't have to match exactly. A 120MFD 75V-60CY
would work as well.
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