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Date: Mon Mar 8 14:59:21 1999

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999 wrote:

> Really? I managed to scavenge up a half-dozen IMSAI'S and almost as
> many Altairs in a couple of years in Southern California in the early
> 90's. Then again, I didn't just scout around at garage sales - I

Oh man, I can talk about all kinds of things I passed up in the early 90s
that today would make me rich on ebay, but we're talking about the here
and now.

> 1. Never define what you're looking for too narrowly. There's lots
> of interesting stuff to play with out there - you don't need any
> particular brand/model/serial number of computer to enjoy them.

Absolutely. Once interest in something becomes too crowded its time to go
seek elsewhere for fun and excitement. If you're ahead of the curve and
are interested in something early on that others take to years later then
of course you can take advantage of the newbies by selling your stuff for
inflated prices.

> I honestly don't think anyone can complain that there aren't interesting
> things out there to collect. In the past decade, I probably averaged
> 8000-10000 pounds of stuff a year (then again, I'm mainly interested in
> minis and industrial controllers.)

There's plenty of interesting stuff out there to find and play with. I
think wanting an Altair just for the sake of owning one is incredibly

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