Interesting to note about Altairs...

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Date: Mon Mar 8 13:30:15 1999

>This is the point isn't it? Finding an Altair at a garage sale or swap
>meeting in Bloomington Indiana would be like finding the Holy Grail in a
>pawn shop, not friggin likely.

Really? I managed to scavenge up a half-dozen IMSAI'S and almost as
many Altairs in a couple of years in Southern California in the early
90's. Then again, I didn't just scout around at garage sales - I
hooked up with the owners through local clubs, business associates,
etc. Or I frequented places that do industrial-type surplus. I
wasn't particularly targetting IMSAI's and Altair's, these acquisitions
came about mainly in the course of looking for other stuff.

There's a few lessons here, I think:

1. Never define what you're looking for too narrowly. There's lots
    of interesting stuff to play with out there - you don't need any
    particular brand/model/serial number of computer to enjoy them.
2. Be willing to call or visit anywhere in a 50-mile radius at a
    moment's notice.
3. Be dedicated, don't give up, and get lucky :-)

I honestly don't think anyone can complain that there aren't interesting
things out there to collect. In the past decade, I probably averaged
8000-10000 pounds of stuff a year (then again, I'm mainly interested in
minis and industrial controllers.)

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