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From: Mike <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 17:34:01 1999

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From: Sellam Ismail <>
>I gather from many conversations I've had that many people buying the
>Altairs see them as historic becaiuse of their connection to Microsoft.
>Some think that it marked the beginning of the microcomputer revolution
>because it launched the career of Gates. What these foolish speculators
>fail to realize is that the game is not yet won, and they are leaving the
>arena at halftime thinking their investment is secure. History will place
>a very different value on their Altair because of what Linux will do to
>Microsoft, far less than the tens of thousands that I imagine some people
>think they may be worth some day.

This may be halftime in a game that turns around but you still can't
disparage some of the plays during the first half. I don't know how bg's
career if factored into an altair's value nor do I really care. It dosen't
seem much of a reason to me to go for a MITS.

- Mike:
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