The new Amigas

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 19:48:13 1999

>They've appointed a new manager and combined the two
>companies to a large extent. I can't remember his exact
>name at the moment. Check out for the recent

Well, as I happen to have the mailbox with all the TEAM Amiga messages open
at the moment his name is Jim Collas, and he is the former senior vice
president at Gateway. He is becoming the new President of Amiga, Inc.

Personally I think that this is the first good news in almost a year. The
way the situation has been handled so far is criminal. The WOA
announcements last spring did more towards killing off the Classic Amiga
market than anything since Commodore's bankrupcy.

>Well, the CD32 was really aimed at the console market. The
>CDTV was aimed at what would become known as the set-top
>market but it was a few years too early.

Yes, but if you add a SX-32 you would have what looks to me a nice littel
system. I've got a SX-1 that I've played with in a CD-32.

I'd like to see a nice set-top Amiga with a keyboard and mouse that can be
either plugged in with a cable or IR. It should also be able to work on a
TV or a Monitor.

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