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From: Francois <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 21:27:54 1999

My mistake, I was misleading in saying that the cricket is in a separate
enclosure; actually it is in it's own box with only a cable coming out with
a connector that could fit in the modem or printer connectors (Serial device
comes to mind)
I'll do more web search before posting on the comp.sys.apple2
Thanks for the answers

>On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Francois wrote:
>> I just got a //c over the Week End,
>> It came with what looks like a sound system: the item is in a separate
>> enclosure with what looks like a speaker and a volume knob. It's labelled
>> "cricket". Does anyone on the list have any infor on this item? Power
>> requirement, software that uses it etc...
>Its a speech synthesizer speaker box. Unless a Cricket card was made that
>could be installed inside the //c (I'm not aware of such a thing although
>I won't rule it out) then this box probably went with something like a //e
>that did have the speech synthesizer card in it.
>Er, wait a second, I'm thinking of something different. I do remember
>reading articles in mid-80s Apple magazines that were advertising the
>Cricket. It may very well have been for the //c.
>Try posting this message on comp.sys.apple2. Somewhere there should be
>able to help you more than this message.
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