FW: PDP-11/70's - Now you can owe one of these great work horses

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_my-dejanews.com>
Date: Mon Mar 8 22:24:05 1999

        My God... and now we've got free PDP-11/70's in California. With SCSI,
no less!

        Grab 'em while you can!

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>>Now you can own a PDP-11/70! Yep, that's right.
>> I'm not talking about those little 11/8x and 11/9x Q-bus jobs.
>> I'm talking about the real thing; you know with MASSBUS and all.
>>A global financial institution, previously headquartered in Northern
>>California, is getting ready to say goodbye to the last of its
>>PDP-11/70's. These machines (there are eight of them), were used as
>>message store and forward switches for nearly 20 years. Great minds
>>have tried to count the number of times the world wide GNP have flowed
>>through these systems; and failed !!!
>>Each CPU has roughly the same configuration as follows:
>> QED 11/70 processor upgrade with 4Mb memory plus cache running at
>>multiple VUP speeds.
>> (Wow, faster than a 11/780, VAX engineering - eat your hearts
>> Two System Industries CLUSTOR III MASSBUS disk controllers with 16
>>Seagate 1.0 Gig drives
>> built with SMD interfaces. Ten drives are fixed while the remaining
>>are in removable
>> canisters;
>> One Fujitsu 2480M/3480 SCSI tape drive (emulates a TU81) plus
>>SCSI-UNIBUS controller;
>> One TE16 or TU16 magtape drive (MASSBUS);
>> Two DV-11's with modem control (16 channel sync or async adapters)
>>and custom drivers
>> set up for a variation on IBM BISYNC;
>> Three DZ-11's and an ETHERNET DELUA;
>> Plus software to show you that all hardware components are
>>Did I say eight (8) CPU's? There's more !!
>>For a short time only, we can throw in tons of spares that include:
>> More QED's, SETASI memory (2Mb and 4Mb), more DV-11's, more DZ-11's,
>>full 11/70 CPU kits,
>> DH-11's, DHQ-11's, 50-60 extra Seagate drives, as described above,
>>in removable canisters,
>> 24 or so extra SI CLUSTOR controllers, 3 to its own 19" rack.
>>Am I finished? No way !!!
>> I'll even throw in a few RP06 disk packs. The platters are great
>>for making Frisbee's out of
>> (kids, don't play with these without adult supervision).
>> Boxes of hardware manuals and even a TECO manual (the first real
>>editor that today still has the
>> best macro generator going).
>>So if you are interested in taking the entire lot (en masse), then drop
>>me a line and we can talk about it.

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