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From: Arfon Gryffydd <arfonrg_at_texas.net>
Date: Tue Mar 9 10:29:49 1999


>Yeah, you're right. All Linux development will stop dead right now,
>nothing will be improved and everyone involved will forever leave Linux as
>it is right now because why bother? Oh, and those fancy point and click
>gooey's that people have already created like kde and StarOffice? Just
>ignore them, they are mirages.

No, Linux will be around for a good long time. People will continute to
contribute and commercial software people will continue to port.


>geeks will run Linux or BeOS on PCs because the platform will continue to be
>less expensive, but the real consumer and small business worlds will be owned
>by Macintosh. Between Macos X for servers and Macos 8.whatever for desktop
>clients, IMHO if apple plays their cards right they can own those two VERY
>lucrative markets.

I don't think so because Apple has never learned from their mistakes. They
let IBM/PC compatibles take the market from them because they:

1) Would not freely release the Mac's specifications for people to
emulate/make products for.
2) Kept the expandability for the Macs very limited (at least for the early
3) Kept the Mac's (and peripherials) prices high.
4) Limited the cloning of the Mac.

I can see that they still haven't learned. They revoked the various
licenses from PowerComputing and others that made better versions of the
Mac (can't have competition). They have come out with the iMac (what a
god-awful machine that is) and it's not upgradable and it's over priced (I
can buy a new Pentium II PC for ~$700.00 where as the iMacs are going for

I'm sorry if it sounds like I am being rude (I am not) I just hate to see
Apple continue to go down the same path that has been killing them.


>I'm a CP/m advocate but that really doesn't fly. First there are CP/M
>emulators for Linux already. The other is CP/M was never a prime time
>candidate for a GUI thing being totally single user and single tasking,
>the later CCPM may have had a shot.
>To keep closer to topic. Those that forget CP/M and what it was will
>forever repeat it's errors. It was good, is good and limited. The lack
>of heirachal directories is a serious limitation for modern software
>another is the size of disk and files (8mb in 2.2, 3.0 got it to 32mb).
>The single thread and single task problem would have to be dealt with
>as well. Then all the apps one would want would have to be ported from
>Z80 or worse 8088.

I said "like CP/M". I didn't mean CP/M. I wish for a totally newly
rewritten 32/64 bit command line based OS that has a GUI and networking
built in and is multi-tasking and multi-user and whose specs are freely
distributed and is covereld .

Cold hard fact: Linux will never defeat Windows (in the consumer market)
because the average non-computer person is intimidated by it and it's too
complex for them. Who ever dominates the consumer market, dominates the
industry because of the sheer numbers. Linux will always be splintered
(various distributions, various desktops and various setups) because it's

Back to On-topic... How about the HP2100 emulators... Anyone know how to
get it to work?


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