Scanning old manuals

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 14:31:49 1999

> If you "optimize" the PDF using Acrobat Exchange 3.0 or newer,

I forgot to mention that the technical term for this process (according
to the PDF spec version 1.2) is "linearizing" the file. Although the
spec documents exactly what needs to be done, I'm not aware of any Free
Software that does it. On the other hand, it doesn't look *too* difficult,
so maybe I'll get around to writing some. In my copious free time. Yeah,

I do my scanning under Linux, create a PDF file, transfer it to my Windows
machine, and run it through Acrobat Exchange. That's one of the few things
I'm still dependent on Windows for. Sigh. I wish Adobe would release
Acrobat Exchange for Linux.

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