wither the MAC address of DELQNA?

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Date: Tue Mar 9 16:42:27 1999

>Ok, so a uVax II can't do a 'test 50' to print out its MAC address, and it
>isn't marked on the card itself. I can't seem to get tcpdump to see
>anything, do I need a sniffer to get this puppy?

Hmm - the boot request is actually far below TCP/IP in the protocol
scheme, so it's not surprising that at least some versions of tcpdump
don't see it. Does the tcpdump that you're running have a
promiscuous mode (usually '-p')?

Most boot servers can be set in a mode where they print
out the hardware address of anything that makes a request. From VMS,
you can just log in, do a REPLY/ENABLE, and you'll see the hardware
address whenever anything on the net requests a boot.

If you have a DEC machine that has an ability to show its hardware
address (e.g. just about anything except a uVax II), you can pull
the bipolar PROM on the DEQNA and drop it into the "more capable"
machine and show the address burnt into the PROM. AFAIK all the DEC
hardware address PROM's are interchangable.

Alternatively, just boot VMS on the uVax, get into NCP, and do a
SHOW CHAR LINE * to show the hardware addresses of all the configured

$ mcr ncp
NCP>show char line *

Known Line Volatile Characteristics as of 9-MAR-1999 17:37:22

Line = SVA-0

Receive buffers = 10
Controller = normal
Protocol = Ethernet
Service timer = 4000
Hardware address = 08-00-2B-39-7B-64
Device buffer size = 1498

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