Amigas and Atari ST

From: Gareth Knight <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 16:39:12 1999

Zane H. Healy wrote:
>Personally I think that this is the first good news in almost a year. The
>way the situation has been handled so far is criminal. The WOA
>announcements last spring did more towards killing off the Classic Amiga
>market than anything since Commodore's bankrupcy.

I agree that it could have been handled a lot better. I have to sympathise
with Amiga Inc though. It wasn't easy when they split from their OS Partner
around a week before the show. All the hype about the announcement and then
they are forced to abandon half of it, leaving just some vague references to
a superchip, development boxes and a schedule that was impossible to meet.

Personally I think the Amiga has been slowly dying for a number of years.
Admittedly there is not the sense of gloom as in 1996 but the "Classic"
market is gradually shrinking. In the UK, Amiga Format readership has
dropped to just 14,644. However it is hardly doom and gloom; Netscape is
being ported to the Amiga under the name "AMozillaX"; Power Computing are
set to release a revised version of the A5000 that uses the Escona G3
accelerator; and AmigaOS 3.5 screenshots have been shown for the first time

>Well, basically right, but as Tony pointed out, on the DEC Pro POS is
>actually P/OS, and I can't remember if the Amigoid POS is POS or P-OS, but
>it was to also run on a Pios One :^)

<GAMESHOW HOST>Ooooh, you were so close. It was actually spelt "pOS." Let's
see what you could have won! ;)

>Oh, BLEEP! Any news on the BoXeR? I'd wanted a BoXeR so bad it isn't
>funny, but Mick has been dragging his feet for so long I'm no longer sure.

Mick has a severe case of the flu apparently, so the BoXeR has been delayed.

>I'd thought the Siamese Hardware was ready to go and all that was left was
>the drivers. I'm sure all the people that preordered these love this news.
>I didn't preorder one for two reasons, lack of faith in it being completed,
>and the main reason is there was no mention of Linux support.

As you are on the Team Amiga ML I'm sure you've already got the mail from
the Siamese PCI crew about the current problems with the board so I won't
mention that.
Have you looked on the Siamese website recently? They are moving towards the
Linux market with a new range of cheap Linux-based systems called the TVNC.
It mentions that the Siamese PCI card can be used with these machines so I
presume Linux support has, or will be added.

Hans Franke wrote:
>Don't cary the CP/M flag that low - With 3.0 and GSX CP/M was ready
>as major player in the GUI world ? What's GEM as used on the ATARI ST
>other than a bautified CP/M and GSX based system with an added desktop
>manager ? And I bet nobody will deny that the ST was a major step in
>the GUI war.

Well, it certainly helped many people to use a greener computer. BTW I
noticed a while ago that
includes an archive with what they claim is the TOS source code for 68010.
Has anyone tried it?
Gareth Knight
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