OT ? IBM AS400/9404 & HP9000/832

From: ss_at_allegro.com <(ss_at_allegro.com)>
Date: Tue Mar 9 16:54:37 1999

Subject: OT ? IBM AS400/9404 & HP9000/832
> Somebody offered me this two pieces "cheap". Anybody on the list knows what
> exactly they are ? Which Processor they use ? Operating systems ?
> Pointer to any documentation ?

9000/832 is a PA-RISC based HP-UX machine, 30 MHz clock (which is pretty slow).
The memory boards are not HP proprietary, and the machine can take a *lot* of memory
(up to about 720 MB, if I recall correctly)

It's the size of a two drawer file cabinet and is fairly heavy. Normally, there's an internal
HP DDS ("DAT") drive and one or more internal HPIB disk drives. Oh yes...it's an HPIB system,
although it supports a SCSI addon card, I think.

Note: if it comes with nothing at all in the way of software, you can
ask HP for HP-UX 10.20 for free. See:

Documentation? Try: http://docs.hp.com/

Stan Sieler
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