vax, cdroms, etc

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 23:07:12 1999

Hi. I've finally got all the stuff to upgrade my vax to a level where I can
hang it on my network. I have the external disk cable, I have a new 1gig
drive to put in it. And of course, I have some questions. i

1. Does VMS 6.2 know about ISO9660 cdroms out of the box?

2. When doing a show dev on a VS3100/40, the cdrom drive should show
    up on the device list, right? (I suspect I goofed up the wiring on the
    CDROM case)

3. can someone answer conclusively for me whether the vaxstation expects
    the disk to have parity enabled? The lists I've read don't seem very

4. anything special about configuring cmu? I've gotten UCX to work in a past
    life as a VMS sysadmin.

As always, I appreciate any answers y'all can give me.
Jim Strickland
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