OT ? IBM AS400/9404 & HP9000/832

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Wed Mar 10 14:43:20 1999

William Donzelli wrote:

> > The AS/400 runs OS/400. It might use either a proprietary processor
> > designed specifically for the AS/400, or it might use a special variant
> > of a PowerPC RISC. I don't know how to tell from the model number.
> Likely an older one, as the new ones running the PowerAS chips are still
> quite valuable (hell, they still make 'em!).
> AS/400s are probably the best database boxes around, never break, never
> crash, and have a bizzare CISC architecture that makes the VAX look like a
> SPARC, but alas, are probably the most unhackable machines on the planet.
> IBM made them to play by IBM's rules, and no one elses. Linux/400 is
> unlikely, to say the least!

While they *generally* do't croak, our AS/400/9406-5xx (model 740) with the
latest OS/400 finally had a crash the other day, requiring a full (with power
still on) user reset. First time for everything I guess. RPG/400 is definitely
a brain burner though, especially if you're used to COBOL.

IBM has a 400 site up at http://www.as400.ibm.com/home.htm and there are tons
of related newsgroups and other sites on the 400's as well. The AS/400e series
are the newest verions and our 9406-5xx etup like we have it in the "400e"
series retails around $1.3mil from IBM. Not sure what size the 9404 is but
I'll have to look it up at work tonight
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