Definitely OT: Apple Network Server 500

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 16:07:49 1999

> ::> Naturally, Apple doesn't support the NS line anymore. Figures.
> ::
> ::At least you admitted you're off-topic. (Though it is an interesting
> ::machine and it's unsupported, so that counts for something... but not a
> ::tremendous amount.) Why not ask on the AIX newsgroups too?
> I tried comp.unix.aix and the response was alternately "what's an NS500" or
> "use linuxppc". I've become rather attached to AIX, though, especially
> (m)smit. Like our system admin says, smit happens. :-) As for my question
> about 4.1.4->4.1.5p<whatever>, I got a load of zilch nada.

The problem is most AIX groups only have a clue on IBM hardware.
I don't see any reason Power architecture would be dropped in 4.2.x.
I was still running RS6000/550 systems and seeing no problem upgrading them
to 4.2.x.

Probably you'd find the 4.2 stuff would work (depending on if there were any
Apple specific device drivers) that weren't on the CDROM.

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