Definitely OT: Apple Network Server 500

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 13:02:25 1999

On 10 Mar 99 at 9:26, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> This is definitely OT.
> I have, about six feet away from me, a brand spanking hardly used Apple
> Network Server 500. Nice unit. I've managed to get AIX on it (provided
> with the system) and CDE runs well. No cc or xlc, but we have some RS/6000s
> here, so I built gcc on one of them and copied the binaries over and now I
> have a Perl and a decent compiler (had to steal as from the RS/6000s also).
> It's a 603e PPC emulating an RS/6000 (!), 132MHz, 32MB RAM. Fast sucker.
> Bookstore buys this guy to handle their database system, vendor says we don't
> support it, so it goes into the server room powered off for almost two years
> until the tech guy decides he doesn't want it anymore and tells me I can use
> it to my heart's content if I can fix it. So I did! :-)
> Quick question: are there any AIX gurus out there? I need to upgrade this
> box to 4.1.5 or some Y2K compliant version. I have a contact at IBM who might
> be able to get me the upgrade, but I was wondering if anyone out there has the
> patches already. 4.2 is apparently right out as I doubt IBM supports the
> POWER architecture anymore, but I'd like to be pleasantly surprised.
> I've also thought about linuxppc on this. Any ideas from those willing to
> perpetuate yet another OT thread? ;-)
> Naturally, Apple doesn't support the NS line anymore. Figures.
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 You might try the PS2 newsgroup. Some very knowledgeable
people on there. ISTR several AIX threads a while back.

ciao larry
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