Definitely OT: Apple Network Server 500

From: Brad Ackerman <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 00:06:50 1999

On Wed, Mar 10, 1999 at 09:26:54AM -0800, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> This is definitely OT.

I would argue that since the NS{5|7}00 models were the best hardware
Apple has ever produced, there weren't many made, and they've been
discontinued, they can be considered on-topic.

> It's a 603e PPC emulating an RS/6000 (!), 132MHz, 32MB RAM. Fast sucker.

ITYM 604e.

> Quick question: are there any AIX gurus out there? I need to upgrade
> this box to 4.1.5 or some Y2K compliant version.

I know several AIX gurus, as I have an office two floors down from the
20th most powerful AIX-based computer in existence. (Or some such
small number) Email me privately if you don't actually want 4.3; I can
almost certainly get the patches for you, assuming that 4.1 -> 4.1.5
is a free upgrade.

> 4.2 is apparently right out as I doubt IBM supports the POWER
> architecture anymore, but I'd like to be pleasantly surprised.

First, the Network Servers are PowerPC and not POWER. Second, IBM's
flagship CPU is the POWER3, so I'd definitely say that POWER is still
supported. How's 160KB of L1 (that's not a typo) cache sound? Then
there's the eight-way superscalarness (is that a valid word?) to
consider. But that's definitely getting off topic.

> I've also thought about linuxppc on this. Any ideas from those willing to
> perpetuate yet another OT thread? ;-)

Just like any other supported system, except much nicer hardware (if
not quite as good in the CPU department as the newer machines).

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