E&L Mini-Micro Designer

From: Francois <fauradon_at_pclink.com>
Date: Wed Mar 10 18:57:07 1999

>>My Dyna Micro came without any chips, they apparently have ben canibalized
>I assume you've saved the list I posted the other night, then :-)

The articles have the nomenclature so no problem there

>> is there any way that I can obtain a 1702 with KEX???
>Since it was posted to the list, I feel I can mail it out to anyone on
>the list who wants it (I'll not post it again since I can't believe too
>many people need it).

Same here got the listing

>Then all you need to find is someone with a 1702 programmer (I _must_ get
>mine out) and some 1702 chips. Or I suppose you could stick it into a
>2716 and wire up a kludge-board to link it to the MMD1.

Kludge would work but I would lose the authenticity of the appartus. I'd
much prefer to find a source of 1702 and a programmer :)

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