Burst Nibbler?

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Date: Wed Mar 10 20:07:04 1999

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>::Have a friend that has acquired a heavily optioned up Commodore 64.
>Whee, the best kind. :-))))

If you say so :^)

>(This is coming from memory, apologies for any inaccuracies.)

Any port in a storm....

>Dolphin DOS is actually a set of ROM upgrades, like JiffyDOS. As long as he
>has the matching Kernal ROM in the 64, and the matching DOS ROM in the 1541
>(check the board, they should be labeled), he should be golden.

Seems to be the case. (I should point out I haven't seen the machine/drives
yet, this is on a verbal description)

>The author is, fortunately for you, an Aussie -- his name is David Huggins.

Good grief. A miracle.

>Unfortunately, I don't have a current contact address for support.

I'll put out some feelers. Someone will know...

>Burst nibblers are simply GCR copy programs. You won't need one for this
>drive (and I don't think the 1541 could support it anyway, since burst
>transfer is a 1571<->128 serial trick).

Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder exactly what this guy has. He mentioned he
also had a 128. He might have this in a 1571 instead of a 1541. He's
pretty vague when asked for numbers. He said he had a disk drive with it, I
asked if it was a 1541 and he said, yeah, sounds like it.. So maybe it
I might sit on this until he brings the machine in to the shop. He's very
limited in knowledge, so me might have fed me some duff gen.

> Where does it say he needs the burst nibbler? I think someone has their
signals crossed.

Seems to have come from the previous owner, but this guy might not know the
right questions to ask too.
Or he might have been asking specifically about copying stuff. I'll
clarify this and get back to you.

Thanks for your help...

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