Help! Apple //c keyboard & whatnot...

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 21:24:29 1999

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> >ridiculous metal hinges attached to each one to give them their feel.
> >After a while the hinges go bad and start making the keys stick. So the
> >solution is to lift the keycaps and remove each hinge. The click will be
> >gone but the keyboard will be much nicer to type on.
> Sounds like a good idea, but nicer for whom to type on? Personally, I like
> the key click - but I could live without it. This person is disabled and
> seems to need some tactile feedback so he can tell if he pressed the key
> enough... he may not want to give up the keyclick...

Well, unfortunately its this shitty keyclick mechanism that is making the
keyboard sticky. Its either live with the stickiness or lose the click.

> Can the keyboard be torn down, cleaned, and restored to original (or
> damn-near original) condition? I'm not afraid of work...

I'm sure it can but its a matter of replacing the spring levers under the
keys. A better bet would be to find a //c with a keyboard that's still
nice and replace it wholesale. If you can find him a //c+ your problem
will be solved, and he'll have a nicer //c.

> >It was terrible in my opinion. Tell him he wants APpleWorks instead.
> Erm... he's what is commonly referred to as a "customer." Last time I
> checked the definition, they're always right. I'm not about to try to
> shoehorn him into new software that he'll "have" to learn, when it's not
> what he wants.

Of course. Well, I can set him up with a copy of BSW if that's indeed
what it is he wants.

> But does this only get the keyboard out of the computer, or does this tear
> down the keyboard itself... I've tried the "keyboard in the dishwasher"
> routine, and the "keyboard and the toothbrush" routine... and personally,
> I've not had any success with them. (This is not to say that it doesn't

And you won't. Its not a dirt issue, its a mechanical issue.

> Define "cheap." This is probably the only //c in existance in over a 50
> mile radius of here... There's no source for spare parts around here (in
> any form) for at least 200 miles. No spare parts available... so all I have
> going for me *is* effort. What else is there for a poor, backwoods country
> geek to do??? ;-)

comp.sys.apple2.marketplace. There's always a cheap //c up for sale

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