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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 21:27:48 1999

>I understand that many newer Toshiba CD-ROMs will also work equally well
>with 512k or 2048k blocks. As far as I'm aware, of the older Toshiba
>CD-ROM drives only the 3201B (3401B? I forget) is modifiable.

Beware, I bought a Toshiba 32x for my AlphaStation 200 and it wouldn't boot
the OpenVMS CD, I ended up going with a used Toshiba 4x.

>Real DEC RRD-42 drives turn up on eBay occasionally, but I understand they
>use a non-standard caddy so make sure you get one. I learned this from Tim
>Shoppa so I'm sure he can correct me if I'm wrong.

I believe the RRD-42 is a standard drive. The RRD-40 on the other had uses
a really wierd caddy. If you get one of these drives make sure you get at
least one caddy with it!!! I've heard that the caddy's are worth more than
the drives! Another problem is that the RRD-40 doesn't seem to be
supported in the latest version of OpenVMS.

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