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Date: Thu Mar 11 10:40:16 1999

On 11 Mar 99 at 19:07, Eric Smith wrote:

> > Eh? IBM Displaywriter was one of the first platforms to support CP/M86
> > (if not the first!)
> You must be thinking of something else. The IBM DisplayWriter was a
> dedicated word processor based on the 8085.
IIRC there was mention of a CP/M port to it in one of my early
copies of Byte. Ran across it recently while researching Stylewriter.

 No, just checked, it was in a November 81 issue of "Datamation".

"The IBM Displaywriter, ostensibly designed for word processing, may be a good
opportunity for independent application software developers. They are enamored
of the machines price/performance ratio and self diagnostics, both of which
surpass IBM's Personal Computer - - not to mention Displaywriter's popularity
with customers who wouldn't consider a computer otherwise. Already, Digital
Research has come out with a version of it's CP/M operating syatem for the
Displaywriter, and soon Advanced Sofware Products. Inc. of Delray Beach, Fla.,
will come out with a COBOL compiler for the machine. Similar to the virtual
COBOL it offers for the IBM Series/1 mini, Advanced Sofyware's package is
expected to rent for about $25 a month per machine. Meanwhile, industry
observers are waiting for IBM to disclose its BASIC package for the system. "

ciao larry
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