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Date: Thu Mar 11 10:40:15 1999

On 11 Mar 99 at 8:54, John Foust wrote:

> At 09:43 PM 3/10/99 -0800, Sellam Ismail wrote:
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> >I was just watching Beverly Hills Cop.
> >In the police station offices, several shots:
> >DEC Rainbows.
> The folks dressing the sets of movies scrounge almost as hard as
> computer collectors. If they can sweet-talk some hardware maker into
> lending machines for scenes, they'll do it. It's product placement.
> Don't forget, many of the people working on movies are effectively
> sub-contractors, and if they can do it for less money, they're
> making money. And if they can get something that will "fall off
> the truck" or re-sold when the sets are demolished, all the better:
> I remember a particularly egregious example of a tech for the movie
> "Twins" who was systematically begging software makers for actual
> product (not just boxes, but disks, he insisted) to clutter some
> laboratory scenes. What a scam!
> - John
 I worked as a "tech" on film crews for awhile. The set directors usually rent
what they can. Anything they buy is auctioned off after the film wraps.
 Most directors and buyers are pretty scrupulous about it since they also work
under budget constraints. I recently received $20 "rent" for an old Chet Baker
album cover. The biggest problem is damage to props, and compensating the
owner. Some hardnosed bargaining goes on.

ciao larry
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