Burst Nibbler?

From: RICCARDO <chemif_at_mbox.queen.it>
Date: Thu Mar 11 17:03:59 1999

>There is some sort of accelerator board built in to his 1541 drive.
>Unfortunately, for it to work, it evidently needs a disk with something
>called (I think) Burst Nibbler on it.
>Seems to be associated with something called Dolphin DOS, possibly on the
>same disk.

As far as I remember (please correct me) Burst Nibbler is one of the
accelerator system for the C=64<->1541 connection.
 I remember that there was a board with 2 EPROMS and a flat cable. This
board have to replace the original C=1541 chipset.The flat cable was
connecting with the C=64 (coming inside thru a cartridge in its port?)
The flat cable was providing the parallel connection that was able to
speed-up data transfer
Inside the cartridge (or inside the C=64 new EPROM chipset) there were many
utility like
the NIBBLER copier, useful for hacking.

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