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> I don't know if you can get it in the States, but over here there's an
> 'adhesive' called 'Plastic Weld'. It appears to be mostly dichloromethane,
> and it works by disolving the plastic and letting it weld together.

Mine is by "Model Builders Supply, Aurora, Ontario Canada"
named plastic solvent cement, contains Methylene Chloride.
So exporate that by then I got the applicator to the break it's
already half dead and nearly gone. Got it from specialized hobby
store in downtown.

> Seems to work on Polystyrene and ABS at least, and maybe others.
> >
> > My trick after I heard that all superglue sets up by mere water
> > presence in the air. Simply breathe out gently on glued parts.
> Yes...

Oh, to add, breathe out gently with mouth wide, size of opening
changes the humidy level.

> The maximum bond strength thickness for most iso-cyano acryllic
> hydro-copolymerising adhesives is something like 3 thou. That's why they
> work reasonably well for assembling a broken part (i.e. when the 2 things
> you're tryinmg to stick were once one piece) and hardly at all for
> sticking 2 separate pieces together.

.003? That's mighty thin to slice!

> -tony

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