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From: wanderer <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 17:39:09 1999

Well, got some quite intresting DEC stuff this time from a fellow
list reader, and the material includes :

     a VT-101
     a Correspondent with user manuals
     a RX01 dual floppy drive unit
     a RX02 dual floppy drive unit
     a RX02 compatible floppy unit
     a 11/34 with the RX02 compatible interface card
     a 11/03
     some RK05, RL01 and RL02 packs
     3 remote controlled power switches
     a couple of fieldservice diagrams
     a Qbus graphics subsystem
     papertape diagnostics (borowed, just for making a copy),

The best part I got is the processor box of an 11/35 (10.5 " box
version) with an OEM style operator console.
Unfortunately, It does not contain the cpu or memory, it has only the
power supply and the cpu backplane.

Soooo, my next question is, who has a (spare) set of 11/35 or 11/40
processor cards for me (trade/sale/barter, you name it!)?
Also, can this processor use MOS memory or only core memory, and which
type of MS11 is then to be used? Better yet, a backplane with some
memory cards would be even better to obtain!

All input is wellcome.

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