Latest finds - again

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 18:52:10 1999

> The best part I got is the processor box of an 11/35 (10.5 " box
> version) with an OEM style operator console.
> Unfortunately, It does not contain the cpu or memory, it has only the
> power supply and the cpu backplane.

Hmm... the machine could use both MOS or Core memory.
Any Unibus memory should work (11/04, 11/34 stuff like MS-11 Unibus
stuff) should be fine.

The MS11 stuff came in various popluated amounts (8 -i think,16, 32, 64k

There were various core stack sets as well. The main thing is the MOS
and core sometimes had different power requirements (I think the core used
+15 and the MOS +/- 12)... so you may need a different power supply
and expansion backplane.

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