Planning for an equipment move...

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Date: Sat Mar 13 14:01:57 1999

>> Sounds like a fine plan. Note that many medium-sized station wagons
>> will hold a single H960, too.

>And a friend has an SUV that holds *two* H960s. :-)

A true full-size station wagon (like a 1976 Pontiac Grand Safari) will
barely hold two H960's between the wheel wells. But I doubt that any wagons
this size have been made for decades. I still occasionally see
newish Buick Roadmaster wagons, but I don't think these are big
enough to fit two racks in.

There are companies out there that customize Roadmaster wagons into
hearses; some of these might have enough space inside for two H960's- I've
never been in one, so I wouldn't know for sure!

For smallish moves like the one Megan is undertaking, I think a
trailer behind a car is a fine way to go. Really fragile stuff
like drives and disk packs can ride up front where it's climate
controlled, and most trailers have beds low enough that tipping
racks in is a complete non-issue. This is how I got my 11/70
home, and it was in a dual-wide high-boy (*not* tipped!)

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