Got a question....PDP? VAX?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Mar 13 13:18:43 1999

<Given your start in computing in the mid-fifties, you must now be
<in your mid-sixties. I was one who started in the early 70's (as
<early as my 12-th year) and am now 41. The machine was
<an IBM 370/155 with 1MB of main memory, and the language was
<APL (APL*PLUS from Scientific Time Sharing).

I have at 46 te dubious honor of bridging both. I started however with
small computers in the late 60s and the PDP-8 the whole of wich was
three 6' racks was my idea of an approachable system. I was also
priesthood incarnate in that for the small computer revolution I was there
and part of it. To me a "big" cpu weighed about 80-110 pounds and only
partially filled one of those racks. The 8008 (1972-3) and later the 8080
were part of my life as I was there on the edge pushing it.

I never put a "good old" or "bad old" sticker as that was where things
were and even then it was clear the target was a fast moving one.

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