IBM PC 5150 with no drives?

From: Megan <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 14:10:29 1999

>I saw an IBM 5150 today in a thrift store. The odd thing about it was
>that it had no disk drives! It only had two black covers over the disk
>drive bays. It seems like it came from the factory this way. It is the
>first revision of motherboard with the cassette jack, so its conceivable
>that it was used with a cassette recorder and was always like this. Does
>anyone wish to concur on this? I'm debating if I should get it, but not
>for the $20 they have it tagged for.

Interesting... I had a machine in one of the piles at work (I have a
second office, called the 'Annex' where I do hardware hacking for my
group on occasion, and stuff gets dumped there) which I recently
excessed, and it had 'IBM-PC' on it, along with 5150 on one of the
labels... But it had a fair amount of memory in it, and a hard disk
drive in it... Should I have saved it and tried to purchase it from
the company?

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