TSR-80 model 4

From: bluoval <bluoval_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Mar 14 13:16:05 1999

Does anyone know what this computer goes for? When i start it up, the
screen is full of strange characters. I hit the orange button and then
the drive lights go on and the bottom drive light stays on. The prompt
is: Diskette?
I don't have any disks for it. I just picked it up yesterday. What's
wrong with it? How can i fix it? does anyone have any disks for it?

Also, there is a guy at a flea market where i live who has a room full
of old computer junk. That's where i picked up this computer. I've
seen an Apple II plus with disk drive, a couple of TI99 4/As, and many
old modems. There is also a very old Compaq portable, and about 5
Commadores. Who knows what else is in there. Is anyone interested in
any of these? Let me know.
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