TSR-80 model 4

From: bluoval <bluoval_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Mar 14 17:15:39 1999

"Ward D. Griffiths III" wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, bluoval wrote:
> > Does anyone know what this computer goes for? When i start it up, the
> > screen is full of strange characters. I hit the orange button and then
> > the drive lights go on and the bottom drive light stays on. The prompt
> > is: Diskette?
> > I don't have any disks for it. I just picked it up yesterday. What's
> > wrong with it? How can i fix it? does anyone have any disks for it?
> What you see is normal behavior for a Model 4. If it has a disk
> controller, it expects to find an operating system disk to boot
> from. However, if you hold down the [BREAK] key and cycle the
> orange button, it will boot into Model III ROM BASIC. Believe it
> or not, you can still probably get OS disks by special order from
> your local Radio Shack (though the staff may not know the machine
> ever existed). You can also get images to create Model 4 disks in
> a PC disk drive from Tim Mann's web page.
> http://www.research.digital.com/src/personal/Tim_Mann/trs80.html
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Thanks for the info and the link!
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