IBM PC 5150 with no drives?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 18:12:57 1999

Jason Willgruber wrote:
> The other two options could have been a number of things, such as a
> HD/floppy controller, a clock/battery, and
> I remember even seeing one that plugged into an expansion slot and the
> 8088/8087 sockets. It had a parallel, serial, VGA video (on a separate
> backplate - so the thing actually took up two slots), high-density floppy,
> IDE HD, clock/battery, and 4 30-pin SIMM sockets. I wish I could find one
> of those cards - or find out who made them.

Any card that used VGA would come along several years later after the PC was
introduced (can't remember off hand what year VGA was first introduced.)
Interesting comment about an IDE controller and the SIMM sockets for the PC;
I have only heard rumors that an IDE controller was built for the PC, and I
have only seen SIMM expansion boards for the 16 bit bus.
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