Hard-sectored 5.25" disks

From: Sysop Fox-1 <fox-1_at_aq.nl>
Date: Sun Mar 14 18:21:48 1999

Hello everyone,

Last week I bought a pile of hard-sectored 5.25" disks. Most are used,
but are still in their original plastic box. Most disks have a lable
saying: AES diskette, Single Sided, Single Density.

Since I'm an Atari 8-bit freak, I don't have a real use for these,
however they can be used on 3/4 of my diskdrives since these do not use
the index-hole for anything. Someone in an Atari usegroup asked me to
write a msg over here before starting to write Atari-data on them. I
have some CP/M's laying around, but they seem to work well without the
use of hard-sectored disks too, so.... If someone wants them, I'll
swap them for anything ATARI-related. If not, I'll just format them,
and write Atari 8-bit data on it.

Would be nice if someone could pick them up in the south-part of the
Netherlands. I have no idea what it would cost to send them by
snailmail, cause I have more then 200 of them.

please note: I'm not subscribing to this newsgroup, so Email me at:
 "fox-1 AT aq DOT nl"

Sysop Fox-1, Thunderdome, ATARI 8-Bit BBS,
    +31 416-279990 (21:00 => 8:00 CET)
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