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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 19:49:00 1999

Upon the date 05:51 PM 3/14/99 +0000, Joe said something like:
>At 11:03 AM 3/13/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Since I don't have a class two license, I can't get a truck with a
>>>lift gate,
>>The two aren't mutually exclusive. Several times I've rented a
>>lift-gate truck, usually from Budget, to move a machine. Now this
>>was always on the West Coast,
> I've rented and driven trucks with lift gates from both Budget and Ryder
>in the last three weeks with no problems and nothing but a standard
>license. Perhaps you may need a special permit if you're going across state

No permit needed. I took a 15' Ryder/liftgate over to PA to pick up the
truckload of DEC gear. I was told of limitations only when I inquired about
the 25' truck waiting to be rented. Because of it being above a certain
GVW I would need a CDL. I think its' having air brakes were mentioned too
as being a limitation for me.

I had to maintain a detailed mileage log and pay road use tax when I
brought the 15' truck back. Did you Joe?

Regards, Chris
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