classic operating systems

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Date: Sun Mar 14 20:27:13 1999

>question: Is there any classic operating system known for which the
>complete source code is available ?

What do you mean by "available"?

Freely distributable? Hmm, some of the FigForths fall in this category
(if you want to call them OS's), and OS/8 is there too.

Easily acquired? There are several disassemblies of CP/M-80 and Apple
DOS 3.3 floating around in various places, but these aren't the
"official" sources - they're a disassembly. The PL/M sources to CP/M-80
are also available, though I've never quite figured out how to go from
the PL/M to the executables.

You can get the source if you hand over enough $? Sure, lots of minicomputer
OS's fall in this category.

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