TSR-80 model 4

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Mon Mar 15 05:36:25 1999

Well son-of-a-buck I didn't know it would go to mod 3 Basic that way! I had
three of the stupid things and no memory from school of the peculiarities of
them, no docs or disks either. They sat in storage until I got a boot disk
copy and then sold them. One gave it's life on the way to the left coast at
the hand of our ever-able UPS (pronounced OOPS) person.
Three days after I shipped the one that got busted a woman with a heavy
Bostonian accent called me direct looking for one to replace a dead one at
Bayer, Inc. Seems they have a processing line or office use for them until
they convert.

Tony Duell wrote:

> >
> > Does anyone know what this computer goes for? When i start it up, the
> > screen is full of strange characters. I hit the orange button and then
> > the drive lights go on and the bottom drive light stays on. The prompt
> > is: Diskette?
> > I don't have any disks for it. I just picked it up yesterday. What's
> > wrong with it? How can i fix it? does anyone have any disks for it?
> There's probably nothing wrong with it. Try holding down the 'break' key
> and pressing/releasing 'reset' (the orange button in the top right of the
> keyboard). It should now go into BASIC. Answer the 'CASS?' and 'MEMORY
> SIZE?' prompts by pressing enter and you can type in BASIC programs.
> There's a disk image of LS-DOS 6.3.1 on Tim Mann's web page. To get it
> onto a real disk you can either use one of the PC-based TRS-80 emulators
> that can use real disks (xtrs can under linux on a PC) or a little
> program I wrote to do this (also under linux).
> -tony
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