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> >>>The manual for the 1420 has a date of July 1979 on it. The ID tag on the
> >>>terminal indicates that it was manufactured in Greenlawn NY.
> >
> > This building is about a 20 minute drive from my house. It's on Pulaski
> >Road in Greenlawn. The sign outside now says "GEC/Marconi/Hazeltine" and is
> >locally acknowledged as a Superfund site
> That's common for places that used to make circuit boards. Almost all of
> them simply dumped the waste water containing copper, nickel, tim, lead and
> chromium out the back door.

The military side of the house was the worst. They also had Telephonics
another electronics outfit nearby and they were pretty dirty as well.
It's serious there as LI was loaded with defense contractors and most of
LI water is wells.

On the odd side in late '75 I did some contracting for the terminals group
as they were getting productionyeild in the sub 25% rance for the 15xx
terminal line. Between faulty burn in of boards and nearly nonexistant QC
it was a mess. The upside is if it made it wout the door it was a solid
terminal but they were loosing their shirts getting them out the door.
When I was done they were up to 80% yeild and climbing. A friend of mine
back then did the software for the 1552 and some of the other terminals.

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