Got a question....PDP? VAX?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 19:43:25 1999

<has yet, true clustering. You can grow huge systems modularly and only
<have to maintain one system disk.

VMS is one of the few that can have a disk farm and a cpu farm as a result
of the clustering technology. It's nice in that my MV2000 with it's tiny
159mb disk can be a cluster member to the 3100 allowing common files and
all sorts of nice things including common configuration and diskless

<>I heard that NT has a lot of VMS engineers behind it.
<This statement might be somewhat true. After M-Squish designed NT, they
<hired one of the VMS gurus from DEC and while there have been many

A few but not a lot.

<modifications to NT to add more VMS like features, it has one giant
<drawback, the underlying operating system is UNIX based, the Mach kernel.

that and how the protected kernel is not very protected.

<software interfaces. NT servers usually crash regularly, i.e. in less tha
<a week, sometimes several times a day, especially if anyone is doing
<development work on them. Another drawback to NT is that many software
<upgrades and application installation/deinstallations require rebooting,
<something unheard of with VMS.

I run three Nt servers (3.51 SP4) and they are extremely reliable but not
heavily loaded. My understanding the NT doesn't load well. Whats funny
is a could stuff a 3100m76 in there and replace the whole lot and still
have cpu left over. VMS does (over)load gracefully.

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