[OT] NT, software reliability, and the lack thereof.

From: Joseph S. Barrera III <joe_at_barrera.org>
Date: Mon Mar 15 21:28:59 1999

> <> Didn't all the lead technicians who built NT come from DEC? In fact
> <wasn't Dave Cutler, NT head honcho, the designer of VMS?
> <
> <Yes and yes.
> Not quite. Cutler was the designer of RSX-11 and files-11 all of which
> part of VMS but not VMS it self, his direct involvemnt was near nil by the
> mid to late 80s.

Is there anyone more deserving of the title "designer of VMS"?

VMS came out in 1978. What does his level of involvement by the "mid to late
80s" have to do with whether he was the designer of (or the primary designer
of) VMS?

> His contribution to NT was at the higher archetectual level.

All I know is that he wrote a shitload of code, and did a shitload of direct
management. I don't know how anyone could dispute that he was "head honcho."

Again, I recommend "Showstopper", it's pretty accurate.

- Joe
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