VMS architects

From: Huw Davies <H.Davies_at_latrobe.edu.au>
Date: Mon Mar 15 22:01:52 1999

Looking at http://www.openvms.digital.com/openvms/20th/vms20/sld004.htm
which is part of the VMS 20th anniversary celebrations we find:

"From the beginning, the hardware and software were planned and designed
together. A group known as “The Blue Ribbon Committee” included three
hardware engineers -- Bill Strecker, Richie Lary, and Steve Rothman -- and
three software engineers -- Dave Cutler, Dick Hustvedt, and Peter Lipman.
They simplified early designs and created a plan that would be possible to
execute. The fifth design evolution was perfected and accepted in April of
1976, exactly one year after the design work began."

So I guess Dave Cutler was there from the beginning of VMS development.

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